It is with great sadness that I have to announce the closure of my Discord server.

Yesterday (on the day that I’m writing this, August 8th, 2020), a former online friend that I met a while ago on Roblox, completely obliterated my discord server. He deleted the roles, emojis, channels, and banned all of the members except the other admins. The reason I gave him admin is because I trusted him back then when I met him because he was much nicer and friendlier. I spent so long putting effort over 2 or more years trying to get the server to grow. The only things left in the discord server are the other admins and me. So, this former friend of mine invited one of his friends to my server, gave him admin privileges, and he and his friend deleted everything. Unfortunately, I am familiar with this as this has happened before with my other former-friend. He also went rogue and kicked everyone in the server. Many of those people in the server never came back. This former friend also went and banned 286 members from a discord server that was owned by Kevintendo, so he got 2 people's servers in his kicking/banning sprees.

I don't think it's worth trying to rebuild my server a SECOND time after the first. Thank you for your interest in joining, but it is now closed.